With less than two weeks to push-off, I’m inundated in last minute planning and the prospect of having to say goodbye to so many people I love and admire.  So instead of approaching this time with grief and “goodbye,” I’m going to say “hello.”

Welcome.  Welcome to my journey down the Mississippi River – to the space where I will be connecting with the outside world.  It is here where I will be checking in, sharing stories, posting pictures and videos, having conversations about the things I encounter, and creating a space where people can experience all that I am experiencing.  I owe all of you a heartfelt and true thank you.  Thank you for making this expedition possible and for sending me on my way.

Blessings and Balance,



This is the view of my home from my raft in the front yard – looking at my past as I stand on my future.

8 thoughts on “Welcome.

  1. as i looked out my motor home window saw you float by..u just came through lock n dam 12 Bellevue Iowa…took a pic and saw your alongthemississippi.org….wish i would have seen u sooner..Bellevue is a cool little town..you would have been welcomed here..we are in the 1st campground after u came through the locks…good luck on your journey…stay safe…

    loved reading your stories…what an adventure…we love the mississippi..

  2. It was great meeting you this morning while paddling our kayaks in the canal upstream from the auxillary lock and dam 14, LeClaire IA. Good luck on your adventure…be safe…we will keep track of your progress…

  3. I saw a White car with Alongthemississippi.org on the back window heading North on I-75 today on my way home from Detroit, so I thought I would check out the site. Very Cool!

  4. Hope you have a safe trip down to the gulf,,, It was a pleasure talking to you, and you have some great pics and a awesome story going on here,, hope someday we can lock you through again,,, Be Safe,,, Lock and Dam 24 Crew ,,, :-)

  5. My friend and I saw you out there near B.K. Leach Conservation Area in Pool 25. I am sorry we didn’t stop and speak. We were kind of taken aback by seeing a lady paddling alone on the Mississippi. Anyway, this was an awesome story! If the opportunity arises again, I will be sure to stop and become part of it. Cheers!

  6. I found out about you and your wonderful writings and photos through a friendly Englishman, Wayne O’brien, who I met in the middle of the Mississippi river and then anxiously read his posts every day until he made it to New Orleans. I’m a motor boater, not a paddler, but I spend a lot of my free time on the river and I am really enjoying everything you are writing about your travels. Your photos are also most excellent. I’ll be looking for your book!

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